Best Places To Use Your Apollo E-cigarettes


One of the best advantage of Apollo e-cigarettes against tobacco cigarettes is the fact that it can be use in places that tobacco cigarettes are not allowed. You can use Apollo cigs in public areas such as the bus stops or indoors too such as the club. This is because electronic cigarette does not produce any harmful second hand smoke, in fact there is no smoke at all, only vapor so it is safe to be use anywhere. Well some recent bans have been made in different states regarding the use of Apollo E-cigs in public areas but there are still many states and countries that allow the use of them. In connection with that, I have put together a list of the best places to use your Apollo electronic cigarette.

10. At the Airport
Because it is always boring to wait for a flight and you need your Apollo cigs to keep you entertain.

9. At a Play
If you are watching a broad way play or any kind of play, then the added sensation of vaping can make everything better. Just don’t use it at your kids school play. Let’s not encourage the young to smoke.

8. At the mall
If you are a guy then Apollo E-cigarette may be your best friend when it comes to shopping at the mall. Use it while waiting for your ladies that always take too long to shop.

7. At the movies
Hate it when you need to go out of the cinema because you suddenly get a nicotine craving? With Apollo cigs you don’t need to miss the film. Depending on the lighting, almost all people probably wouldn’t even realize you were using your Apollo cigs at the movies. So go on and vape!

6. In a restaurant
Now you can enjoy vaping while eating, you can even pair your Apollo cigs flavor with your foods as survey shows that certain E-cig flavors compliment certain foods really well. Just make sure to ask the restaurant owner first to avoid any problems.

5. At the library
Vaping while studying can calm your nerves. Just make sure you are in college already while using Apollo e cigs because Apollo strictly prohibits minors to use their products.

4. In the hospital
Again, hospital is one of those places where you suddenly get bored. Just be ready to have a quick explanation if any doctors or nurse ask why you are smoking.

3. At the beach
It’s summertime already and summer means one thing. Beach! It would be best to enjoy your Apollo cigs at the beach while you are sunbathing or partying with your friends.

2. In a bar or club
Speaking of partying, you probably hated it when the government made a law about tobacco cigarettes being banned in bars, clubs and other indoor hangout place. The partying and enjoyment is not that great anymore as you need to go out of the scene just to enjoy a cigarette hit. You cant also drink and smoke anymore. Bummer! With Apollo cigs, you can enjoy smoking inside bars and clubs again. Party it up, drink up and vape all you can to have the best night ever.

1. With non-smokers
Last but definitely not the least is to use your Apollo cigs with non-smokers. Remember them? Those non smokers who always give you a nasty look with a lecture about how bad smoking is? – well they are just concern about you so don’t be mad – it’s time to show them you’ve turn a new leaf and switch to a better alternative. They would be glad to know you finally listened.

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V2 Cigs Faces Blu Cigs In The Battle For The Best E-Cigarette Around


v2cigsandblucigs V2 Cigs Faces Blu Cigs In The Battle For The Best E Cigarette Around

Everyday, more and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes since more people are growing health conscious and also living a smarter life. But the most common question still remains. “What brand to choose to start vaping?” With a lot of E-cigarette brands out there, it would be hard for beginners to choose the right one that can give them a great vaping experience. A lot of factors come in determining the best brand. Some of the parameters are quality of smoking, healthiness, nicotine levels, batteries, longevity etc. Two brands that have been leading the E-cigarette market are Blu and V2. Both brands produce high quality E-cigarette products and you will never be disappointed with their performance. However their lies some differences and each have their own qualities that outshine the other. Let us review both brands and see who will win the battle for the best E-cigarette around.

Performance: Tie
Both E-cigarettes have great vapor production, high quality products, product warranties and guaranties as well as a good technical support system that can assist anyone if they have some problems or questions.

Price: Tie
V2 offers different types of starter kits ranging from $24.94 – $149.95. Their best seller sells at $99.95 and includes 2 batteries (your choice of automatic and manual), 10 pack of flavor cartridges, 1 wall adapter, 1 usb charger, 1 car charger and 1 portable charging case. This kit will have everything you need to start your vaping experience great and it will be worth every penny you spent. However, some people are still finding this quite expensive. Good news is that you V2 offers V2 cigs promo code to let you have their products in a more affordable price. Using this V2 ecigarette coupon code you can take 15% off all starter kits of your choice. That means that by using this V2 coupon code, the price would be reduce to $84.95.

Blu cigs also offer a variety of starter kits ranging from $35-89.95. Our most favorite kit is the Premium Starter Kit that sells at $79.95 and includes, 1 New blu Premium pack with Social Features (a portable charging case that vibrates every time another Blu user is within the 50meter radius or less, perfect for meeting new friends), 2 batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 1 car charger and 5 pack of flavor cartridges. Same as V2 cigs, Blu cigs love their customers and is always offering Blu cig coupons online. We’ve found some great Blu cigs coupon codes around and with this coupon code, you can save 5% on all starter kits.

Options: V2 Cigs
V2 got the slight advantage when it comes to option. First they have double the number of starter kits to choose from than Blu. Then blu cigs only have five flavors compared to 12 flavors of V2 cigs, you can even ask V2 cigs to customized you your own flavors if you want to.

Availability: Blu Cigs
Blu cigs are the most popular E-cigarette brand having celebrities like Jenny Mccarthy endorsing it and there is a reason for that. They’re everywhere. From gas stations to supermarkets, you will never have a hard time buying a refill cartridge or extra batteries from Blu cigs. Compare to V2 cigs that can only be bought online.

As you can see, the race between V2 and Blu is pretty tight. It’s safe to say that whatever brand you choose between these two would never disappoint you, so no point in arguing and the best way to go, is try the greatness of both brands. Enjoy!

The New Face Of Smoking – Electronic Cigarettes History


electronic cigarettes 300x180 The New Face Of Smoking   Electronic Cigarettes History

On this decade, a new face of smoking had emerged. Tobacco cigarettes are being slowly replaced by Electronic cigarettes and more and more people are switching to it. Thanks to e-cigarettes, people can get their daily dose of nicotine in a similar look and feel of getting it on traditional cigarettes, minus all the harmful chemicals traditional cigarettes have and add up some other benefits like it can be smoke to public areas. To honor this amazing device, let’s take a look back at the history of E-cigarettes, how it began and what its status as of the year 2014. Read on as we take you to a journey through time.

1963 – Helbert Gilbert patented a device described as “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” that involved replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air. But this was not commercialized for unknown reasons and had disappeared on public records.

2003 – The new beginning of E-cigarettes occurred when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacisr, created the modern day electronic cigarette. It was inspired by his father death who died of lung cancer as the latter is a chain smoker. Hon Lik promised him that he will look for an alternative to smoking and from then on E-cigarettes started being commercialized.

2006 – Electronic cigarettes entered the European market after successfully conquering China and other neighboring countries.

2007 – Electronic cigarettes make their way to the United States of America. Brands such as South Beach, Blu, Green Smoke and more was established in the market.

2008 – The Emergence of V2 cigs, the leading brand in the electronic cigarette world. Its owner J. Andries Verleur tried an E-cigarette for the first time in 2007 and burned his lip accidentally as the nicotine fluid leaks in the e-cigs. Still he believes that the idea is amazing, the products just need to be high quality and that’s how he think of starting V2 e-cigarettes. He formed his company, V2 Cigs, with four employees working out of an apartment.

2009 – Electronic cigarettes industry is getting bigger and bigger and tobacco companies as well as other governments took it as a bad thing. They want it to be regulated (as it is not a traditional cigarette and is still fairly new, there are no rules for it including public smoking bans) and they want to take a hold of it. Some countries like Turkey banned E-cigarettes publicly. Others like New Zealand conducts tests and prove that E-cigs are safe and healthier alternative to smoking so they supported it.

2011 – More Changes occur and more and more concerns about E-cigarettes not being regulated are brought up. More countries and US states banned E-cigarettes in public areas, some treated it same as traditional cigarettes and the FDA files petitions to regulate electronic cigarettes. President Obama signs a law that allows FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes. New brands entering the industry will also have to go through an extensive pre market standards.

2013 – Today, no matter how other sectors, tobacco companies and government try hard to stop E-cigarettes, its success are just unstoppable. It is already among the most in-demand consumer products of today. Electronic cigarette coupon codes are also the most in demand coupons online with searches such as “V2 cigs coupons”,”Blu cigs coupons”, “Vapor Zone coupons” garnering thousands of searches per months. Millions of people have traded in their tobacco products for electronic cigarettes. Brands like V2 and Blu had reach more than 5 million customers worldwide and is being endorsed by celebrities and other health organizations. Bloomberg projects that the total E-cigarettes sales could reach $1.5 billion this year.

4 Basic Tips for E-Cigarette First Timers


Over the years, there has been a lot of talk regarding the health benefits associated with e-cigarettes. Truth is – without the tar and other carcinogens – e-cigarettes are indeed a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

If you’ve always wanted to make the big switch to e-cigarettes, do know there is nothing to be anxious about.

Here are some tips for new electronic cigarette smokers who are starting to make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

1. Give it Time

It’s always hard to go cold turkey on all your bad habits. But, just making the big switch is a great feat in itself. Congratulate yourself for that. Do know that it’ll take a little time to get used to e-cigarettes but it doesn’t mean you won’t get the hang of it. Give it some time and patience, and you’ll find that it isn’t that much different from the usual cancer sticks you’ve been used to smoking!

2. Find a Product You Like

With e-cigarettes gaining tremendous popularity over the years, there has become an influx of different electronic cigarette products in the market. There are different dosages of nicotine, different atomizers, and different e-cigarette models. The flavors also range from the traditional cigarette flavors to candy flavors. It is important to remember that not every model or product is right for everyone. Some people need to try several different e-cigarette models out before they find one they are comfortable using. Experiment and then make up your mind!

3. Start out with Low Nicotine Dosage
Just because you’re a heavy smoker doesn’t mean you have to get a high level of nicotine strength for your e-cigarette. The electronic cigarette delivers plenty of nicotine, and with adequate nicotine levels in your e-liquid you shouldn’t feel any withdrawal symptoms when making the switch. You’re always better off starting with the low dosage, as you can just easily increase when it doesn’t feel adequate for you. The opposite, however, tends to be destructive, as you can make yourself sick or risk increasing your addiction to nicotine.

4. Practice the Long, Slow Puff

Many people think they can just sit and puff away on their e-cigarette, but unfortunately that’s just not how it works. When you first start out using an e-cigarette you will want to work on taking longer and slower puffs than you are probably used to. The longer slower puffs will help you get the most vapor volume. It can also prevent the flooding of the atomizer, which can result in clogging of the product. When an atomizer is clogged it prevents you from being able to fully enjoy the e-cigarette experience. Taking long, slow puffs will also help you prolong the life of your atomizer.

Making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes may take some time getting used to, but it sure is manageable. Using these tips can help you enhance your e-cigarette experience and allow you to enjoy a healthier alternative to smoking.